প্রদর্শনের হার

Advert Size Price
Double Page £4500
Full Page £2495
Half Page £1295
Quarter Page £695
Inside Front Cover £2995
Inside Back Cover £2995
Back Cover £3495
4 Page Special Supplement £8500
Classified (Staff recruitment, Restaurant and Takeaways for sale etc.) £195
INSERT:  Various sizes of insert can be done. Price on request

মেকানিক্যাল ডেটা

Advert Size TRIM ( H X W ) Bleed ( H X W )
Advert Size TRIM ( H X W ) Bleed ( H X W )
Double Page Spread 280mm X 420mm 286mm X 426mm
Full Page 280mm X 210mm 286mm X 216mm
1/2 Page Vertical 240 mm X 85mm
1/2 Page Horizontal 117 mm X 175mm
1/4 Page 117mm X 85mm

Frequency Quarterly EPS, Hi-res JPEG or PDF Please supply all the fonts
and images with colour proof.
Artwork Deadlines: 2 weeks
prior to publication date
Number of pages 52 (Including Cover)
Size 280mm X 210mm
Price GBP £4 (where sold)

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